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Patching Google Web Toolkit for compiling chrome permutation

July 17th, 2011 3 comments

Google Web Toolkit is awesome tool for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA). It has a lot of different features to simplify work of developer and create a really reliable and fast internet application. One of the features that widely used in gwt is Deferred binding.┬áIn few words, this feature doing next thing: it provide a possibility to create browser related code and avoid any runtime checks for what is current browser. By default permutations is created for this browsers: opera, ie6, ie8, ie9 (from gwt2.3), webkits (chrome, safari), firefox. Because of very fast chrome growth sometimes renders for chrome and webkit are different. From my experience I have following problems for chrome: while parsing JSON chrome don’t save the order of keys from server (it puts keys starts with numbers on the first place), sometimes some paddings different from safari (especially when you use a lot of wrapper divs)

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