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Updating macbook pro with SSD and RAM

So, you are already happy user of macbook pro, but for your tasks basic configuration is not enough? The most easy way to update your macbook is to upgrade RAM and put SSD instead of HDD. If you want to do this upgrade here are some tricks how to do this and have the same system as you have before in 3 hours or so.

First of all you need to buy hardware. I stopped on Inter SSD 320 series (120 Gb) and 8GB ¬†Kingston Apple Kit. You needn’t find “Apple kit” memory – mac support almost everything. Also, for unplugging macbook you’ll need screwdrivers that on my box with them marked as (+)2.0 and T(5) screwdrivers.

Of course, you will need to have a backup of your system to fast restoring your system after replacing hard drive. Use TimeMachine for this and perform full backup of system (if you want all files translated to a new drive). For restoring you also will need macos setup disc or flash drive.

So, list of tools you need for upgrade:

  1. SSD
  2. RAM
  3. T and + screwdrivers
  4. Full backup of your current system
  5. MacOS X setup disc or flash-drive

Now, all tools are in place and you can start upgrading. There are a lot of videos on youtube how to do this. Let’s use one of them:

After all upgrade done there are one trick left.

  1. Put your flash drive or CD with mac os and connect your backup disc to computer (time capsule will be found by installer itself).
  2. Turn on computer and wait until installer will load.
  3. Go to Utility -> Disc Utility
  4. Here you must see your new SSD. Select it and create partition on it: select tab ‘Partition’ click “+” below, fill name like “Macintosh HD” ¬†and format to “Mac OS Extended(journaled). Click Apply after.
  5. Quit Disc Utility and go to Utility -> Restore your computer from TimeMachine
  6. Follow onscreen instructions and choose your new SSD as drive where you will restore your previous system. (if you skipped step 4 the restore utility will not detect you drive and you’ll have a text “Searching discs” forever)
  7. The restoring process started and in nearly hour or two you will have the same system that you had before but much more faster and cooler

Enjoy your new mac!

PS. first load may be slow because of new RAM. I don’t know what system do but it need this time.

PPS. The next I’m planning – replacing cdrom with optibay + big HDD.



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