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Disabling cache in Shindig

This post will be short by may be useful for someone who want to start developing gadgets with OpenSocial platform.

The best approach to create opensocial widgets server is to use Shindig . You can easily download and run it using manuals on their site but you will face one very painful and not easy to find solution problem (I know, I faced) Рhow to flush a cache of your xml. Answer is here

The server SHOULD honor an IgnoreCache processing option. This causes all built-in spec caches to be ignored, fetching the spec directly from its canonical resource. This feature is very useful while developing a gadget.

  1. HTTP-based request servers SHOULD support this via a URL parameter named nocache.

So, how it works. When you start your widget like this:


your xml cached. When you need to update your xml, just specify additional nocache parameter:


and Shindig will go by url and get a new xml.

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